Benefits of High Quality Personalized ID Lanyards

Posted by Brett Ronald on July 22, 2016

Most companies, schools and organizations nowadays use personalized ID lanyards for their students, employees and members. Customized lanyards became a powerful tool for advertisement as everyone can have flexibility in designing their desired lanyard. At Wholesale Lanyards, we even assist clients in designing their lanyard order by offering options in personalizing their preferred lanyard style.


Are you wondering why it is best to have high quality personalized lanyards for students, employees and organization members? Take a look at the following:


How can we benefit from personalized ID lanyards?personalized ID lanyards


Easy Identification
A personalized lanyard always stands out from the rest. In companies and schools, they make lanyards part of their employees or students’ uniform. It is easy to identify an employee or a student from the crowd not only with their IDs but also with the lanyards they are using.


Brand Promotion
There are times where companies use lanyards as a way to advertise their company profile. This is practically useful when lanyards are given as souvenirs in company events like seminars and conventions. A lanyard is considered an effective tool in raising brand awareness in the public especially if the design is unique and eye-catching.


Boost Employees’ Work Confidence
Lanyards that reflect the company’s mission or vision through a short tagline has been known to have a positive effect on employees’ confidence at work. Employees who are proud with their company appreciate well-customized lanyards for them. Lanyards with positive statements are also known to be effective in boosting employees’ confidence at work.


Where can we use customized lanyards?landyard


IDs are required in all schools. There are schools that require their students to wear school-authorized lanyards only within the school’s premises. It is easy for security personnel to identify students through customized ID lanyards aside from inspecting identification cards.


Most companies give customized lanyards. Using customized lanyards indirectly promotes the company’s branding profile through their employees. By using these lanyards, it will be also easy for security personnel to identify employees within the company’s vicinity through the lanyards worn at work.


Clubs and organizations usually give personalized lanyards to their members. Just like in companies, they use these lanyards as a way to promote their profile. Organizations that fight for a cause commonly have the most popular customized lanyards around. They use this lanyard for campaigns especially in raising public awareness about their goals.


What can we do to create our own customized lanyard?lanyard styles

Find where you want it to be produced – before anything else, you should find a lanyard-making company. At Wholesale Lanyards, we assist clients in customizing their lanyard orders. Finding a reliable lanyard-making company is essential before you can customize your desired lanyard. At Wholesale Lanyards, we also offer different lanyard styles like polyester, nylon, woven, tubular, cord and dye sublimated ones. We also have different lanyard attachments like hooks, clips, key rings and safety breaks.


Imagine your preferred design – do you want the lanyard to be composed of a brand name and a logo? Or do you want it to be labeled with a catchy tag line or a campaign statement? At Wholesale Lanyards, we don’t limit clients in experimenting with lanyard labels. There are three ways on how labels can be placed in a lanyard – through silk screen printing, interweaving and dye-sublimating. Silk screen printing is best for large batches of lanyard orders since it is the most affordable and also the easiest one to produce. Interweaving and dye-sublimating labels are best for personalized ID lanyards as they compliment high quality lanyard styles.


Finalize your desired lanyard styles – at Wholesale Lanyards, we have a Lanyard Builder application that clients can use so they can finalize their desired lanyard style in just a few clicks. Corresponding prices are also detailed in the Lanyard Builder app to maximize clients’ allotted budget in customizing their lanyards.


If you are not sure with the lanyard style you made, check other lanyard samples – whenever you feel undecided yet with the lanyard design you made, you can take a break and check other lanyard samples. You can find lots of lanyard samples from different companies and organizations online. By browsing samples, you will have an idea about how certain lanyard styles work. Gain design inspiration from these lanyard samples and work on making your design unique and creative.


Don’t hesitate to seek help – if you are not creative and you want to leave lanyard designing to those who know it best, don’t think twice in asking for help. At Wholesale Lanyards, we can give free quote and art design to clients. Just specify your desired label and color combinations then we will work on the design details for you.

What To Consider When Buying Golf Putters

Posted by Kelly Rodriguez on July 22, 2016

When shopping for golf putters, any golfer can get confused and overwhelmed. Our customers often ask for our professional advice on choosing the right putter and the answer does not always come at hand. There are many factors you should consider when buying. To help you with your decision, we have put together these general tips. Take time to read through them and hopefully, you will have a better idea towards the end.


1. Choose the putter that matches your stroke


Golf putters vary in weight to suit various types of putting stroke. If you consider your stroke “conventional” then choose a putter that has a moderate toe-hang. Alternatively, if you’re trying to accomplish a straight back and through stroke, you can benefit greatly from a face balanced putter.


Golf PuttersFace balanced and toe balanced putters are your main options here. You can easily determine if a putter is face or toe balanced by balancing it on your finger. If the face of the putter faces upwards, it is a face balanced putter. But if the toe hangs towards the ground, then it is a toe faced putter you have.


A face balanced putter are mostly beneficial for players who want the putter to remain as square to the target as possible throughout the stroke. For those who play with an arc, using a toe balanced putter will be more effective.


2. Find the Right Putter Length


The putter length is perhaps the most important factor every golfer should look into. Although there’s the standard 34-35-inch putter length, do not be afraid to alter it if you don’t feel comfortable with it.


If you want to try something new, check out belly putters. With belly putters, you can achieve a more stable putting while maintaining proper posture. This type of golf putters can be anchored to your chest or stomach so players who suffer from tremors can also benefit from it.


There is another recent advancement: the long putter. Long putters can also be anchored to your body, ranging from above your navel, to your chest and up to your chin. These putters require a full alteration in your grip if you’re used to the traditional or belly putters.


3. Choose the ideal golf grip


To help you choose the ideal golf grip, we have come up with this list of the five key aspects you should consider:


(1) Grip Size


This is the first thing you must look into when selecting a golf grip. There are basically four grip sizes: standard, undersize, midsize, and oversize. It is important that the grip has a proper fit. If it’s too small, it may lead to pulling the golf ball. If it’s too large, wrist pronation is limited and distant shots can be suppressed.


(2) Grip Material


GolfGrips are commonly made of rubber materials and come in different colors and styles. This type of grip offers durability and permanence. Other grips are made of thermo-plastic material. This material gives the grips a softer yet tacky texture. It is also available in a range of bold colors.


(3) Material Firmness


If you’re the kind of golfer that plays with high swinging speeds, you may benefit from firmer grips that provide excellent torsion control. These are preferred by professional players as they offer a light pressure grip and promote incredible stability at the same time.


(4) Surface Texture


When shopping for golf putters with us, you will find a full range of options when it comes to the grip’s surface texture. Depending on the pattern and design of the surface, the grip can have a smooth or a coarser texture. If you don’t wear gloves when you play, you can opt for a grip with a smoother texture and less pattern. You may also choose a more abrasive feel for your grips if you want to have more gripping confidence and better hand traction.


(5) Weather Conditions


Do you mostly play in dry or humid/wet weather conditions? This is another important factor to consider in choosing the right grip for ultimate performance. Some golf grips have cord fabric to help create added support and traction. If you play in dry conditions, you may choose a grip made of plastic that has a smooth grip. But if you typically play in humid conditions or have sweaty hands and play with no gloves, you should choose a grip suited for wet conditions to achieve better function.


There goes the list. We hope this helped you in choosing your next putter. If you have further concerns regarding golf putters or other golf equipment, you may contact us and we’ll be happy to be of assistance.


Author Bio:
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Strategic Partnership with Motivational Speakers

Posted by Geraldine Jensen on July 21, 2016

There is more to the success of a motivational speaker than being capable of connecting to their audience. The emotional connection the speakers have with their listeners is possible by teaming up with management who knows the audience and knows their needs.


Speakers who motivate effectively come from different background, holding different expertise, and armed with rich experiences in their field of expertise that are shared with their audience. Years of experience in speaking engagements have given them the tools to help businesses that may need the boost to propel the business towards its goal through motivated employees.


Speakers, however, cannot speak in random. Companies working with a good motivational speaker can streamline the speaker’s expertise and experience and customize it towards employees’ need and what the company wants to effect. What makes companies who provides speakers for events are successful because of their eagerness to work with management, such as


Why company and speaker need teamworkSpeaker


We can maximize the event to the fullest if the speaker works with the company management and provide the speaker with background information of the employees. Employees, too, come from different cultures, age, gender, and race. Employees differ in socioeconomic status and personality. A speaker who conveys similarity with the audience is effective in delivering the company message. This similarity may be in the form of language used, in mannerisms, in dress code, and the overall style that would match that of the audience.


Our experience with speakers tell us that those who exude authority can better persuade us into action. Speakers are equipped with vast experience which give them the reputation and the authority to speak on diverse topic in the industry. This vast experience becomes useful when accompanied by research into the specific needs of the employees, which the company management can provide.


Management and speaker working closely together is critical to the success of the planned event. Through the information provided by the management, the speaker can set the mood, present the content in a way that is entertaining and captures audience attention, and together project the outcome of the event.


We know that a speech, which addresses the employees directly gives the impression of the employees’ importance to the company. After all, management hires speakers to benefit and motivate the employees, strengthen the bond among employees and the loyalty to the company.


The benefits of company and speaker partnership


The benefits we get from working closely with a motivational speaker are noteworthy. Talking to the speakers before the event is equally important and can be an advantage to the company. Below are some of the things a speaker can do to the company:


Attainment of company goal. Motivational speakers are professionals who can work with the management team to identify objectives, deliver company values and goals to employees without any pressure. They are experts in maximizing presentations to give meaning and value to employees. These presentations can affect employee morale and move them to strive harder. What impacts employees at work can have a ripple effect on their lives. We know that a happy employee becomes more engaged and focused at work.


Productive teamwork. A team who is not productive becomes a headache for business. Several factors can affect why teams fail to work together. Whatever the reason, the experienced speaker can make teams understand the significance of their contribution towards the company they work for. Teams can be encouraged to have a sense of shared commitment and inspire the feeling of being part of the whole community.


Speakers learn from their experience and share this experience to the employees. We know that it is not easy to talk about our personal experiences. Speakers, however, share this experience to connect with and engage the audience.


Improve employee productivity. Being from the outside, but perceived by the employees as one who speaks with authority, motivational speakers can improve employee productivity and prove profitable for the company. The impact of the speaker on employees can last months after the event, something that management can capitalize and work on to achieve its goals.


Experience tells us that speakers affect us emotionally such that when we leave the event, we still talk and think about the speech. It is amazing how speakers can impact our lives, both at work and outside the walls of our work environment. However, the effectiveness of the speech comes from working with the management to know about the company environment and its people. You can seek our aid in this case. We are a motivational speaking company with a team of experts who take to heart our speaking engagements. We can then be a huge part of your company’s overall success.

Motivational speaker helps people in there life. They inspire,motivate and improve there lives. To know more about a motivational speaker visit website

Things You Need to Know About HCG

Posted by Brent Keen on June 24, 2016

There are several products available in the market that have been promoted as effective in ensuring weight loss. As a consumer, you may be left behind wondering which among these will work and which of these are not worth your time, let alone your money. Several diet products were already introduced and one of these is HCG which is beginning to gain popularity as an effective means of helping people lose unwanted weight.


hcgHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is considered beneficial in many ways. Pregnant women produce this hormone that eventually helps in the development of the baby. This also serves as treatment for women to trigger the ovulation process and enable spermatogenesis among men.


The hormone is known not only as a medical treatment but also as a very popular option among dieters. HCG comes in an extremely concentrated form when injected. Along the process, potential side effects may come out but it’s important to work closely with your doctor for proper administration and monitoring as soon as you begin to use this for weight control.


Common side effects may include breast tenderness, swelling, irritability, mood swings, and headache. Although there may be light to moderate pain, these side effects usually go away when treatment is already ongoing.


Allergic reactions may also occur when using HCG. This can also be associated with difficulty in breathing as a result of the reaction. If you spot any signs of blood clotting, seek the help of a doctor for immediate attention. For women under medication for HCG, severe pelvic pain, weight gain nausea and swelling of the hands and legs may be felt. These conditions may result to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome or OHSS.


The side effects felt when using HCG are usually dependent on the dosage applied and required for treatment. Effects may also differ when this is taken as a diet form. Concerns were raised on how effective HCG is for diet purposes but like with any other slimming method, the most important things to consider are proper consultation and adherence to the dosage that the physician knows will be suitable for you.


The HCG diet consists of specific foods that contain the essential vitamins, minerals, and protein that the body needs. The diet is restrictive and its nature is very low in calories. This may be considered a drastic change from the normal eating habits of an individual making the diet itself cause side effects.


hcg_dietIf you have concerns with your blood sugar and are simultaneously on the HCG diet, it’s necessary to work closely with a doctor since it may be necessary to incorporate some modifications in the diet plan to suit your needs. In general, this should not have any direct effect at all. Diet drops from the product itself can reduce hunger but will not affect the blood sugar directly.


Drinking water is crucial when you are on an HCG diet. When one is on an HCG diet, toxins are released from the body; hence, there should be enough water to help flush these out. Usually, hunger and thirst can be confusing for the body due to dehydration so one needs to drink enough water following this diet for the body to know when it’s most likely to feel either thirst or hunger.


People who are on this diet have shown beneficial results. HCG has proven to be easy to take and the cost for maintenance is less than that of any other forms of diet. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to be careful and follow the diet plan prescribed by the doctor.